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[testimonial1 author="JCM Marketing & Consulting"]“No other book shows you so simply, clearly, and quickly how to complete YOUR “Journey to Success and Financial Freedom” by the shortest path possible!”[/testimonial1]

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Dear Success-Seeker:

My name is Dr. Mary Ozegovich PhD (known to friends and readers as Dr. Mary Oz.), – Certified Professional Life Coach, Therapist, Social Worker. I am the author of ‘An Invitation To Your Financial Success And Freedom’ – a series of “teaching novels” for business leaders, entrepreneurs, and individuals wanting to perform and achieve at the highest levels than ever before.

An Invitation To Your Financial Success And Freedom will help you achieve far greater financial freedom and personal fulfillment – more quickly and easily than you’re perhaps experiencing right now. It’s time to start eliminating Frustration, Doubt, and Overwhelm from your life.

For the past 25 years, I have been helping thousands of people change their lives for the better by creating massive positive change.

When you’ve spent any time at all trying to improve either your personal life or your business, you soon learn the value of reading to achieve your dreams and goals.

Yet I’m willing to predict…

If you’re at all like me and most of my friends, you’ve probably started reading lots of books on “Success” … business … self-improvement … maybe even the Laws of Attraction, Manifestation, and Reciprocity … or abundance thinking, relationship-building, leadership skills and then put them up on the shelf, unfinished, with the good intention of coming back and finishing it “someday”… Uh-huh.

Well, check your calendar – “Someday” isn’t on there. In spite of the best intentions, we very rarely come back to it. Instead, we just keep repeating the cycle.


Because so many of those books are just flat-out hard to read! They’re confusing … boring … and practically impossible to implement their “plans” even if you do finish reading them.

And so you may often find yourself wondering…

[headline_georgia_large_centered color="#000000"]Why doesn’t anyone just write a quick, simple, easy-to-understand-and-USE guide?[/headline_georgia_large_centered]

Let’s face it, God managed to whittle EVERYTHING down to ten simple rules. So why couldn’t somebody reduce all these THOUSANDS of self-help books down into a few dozen pages, and just a handful of guidelines – “rules” even – to remember?

As a matter of fact … someone HAS!

Introducing what is quickly becoming a favorite of entrepreneurs, business owners, internet marketers, and just “plain old folk” everywhere … and a tremendous aid to virtually anybody who would enjoy performing at their very best. (Or at least a few levels above where you may be right now).

Please allow me to extend to you…

[headline_georgia_large_centered color="#000000"]With Dr Mary Ozegovich’s Book You Will Discover How To…[/headline_georgia_large_centered]


[testimonial1 author="Debbie Tanrikulu, Holbrook, New York"]“I could not have read this book at a more poignant time in my life. I needed to be pointed in a positive direction. ‘An Invitation to Your Financial Success and Freedom’ is a unique and easy-flowing read that took me on a journey of positivity and possibilities within myself … not only financially but on a deeply personal and spiritual level as well.”[/testimonial1]

Here, in just this one volume, is all the most vital training you really need to maximize the return on all your efforts, and be the very best YOU possible. And it’s all condensed into just a few dozen easy-reading pages.

This book is the natural result of a study I made of a number of highly successful entrepreneurs earning 6-, 7-, and even 8-figure incomes … and my utter shock at some of the similarities in their journeys.

Written in an enjoyable and entertaining allegorical story style, An Invitation To Your Financial Success And Freedom is already being hailed an instant classic, in the company of “Who Moved My Cheese?” by Spencer Johnson, and even “The Dream Giver” by Bruce Wilkinson … and clearly shows you how to overcome doubts, fears, and weaknesses, which may have been holding you back for so long.

This delightful book has been designed to walk you through your own journey of success, financial freedom and fulfillment. Dr. Mary Ozegovich has created engaging metaphorical characters…

…One character being our Hero “You Never Know (affectionately known as “Yoony”) and his invaluable mentor “Been There Done That” (“Beeny”) – who helps you identify with the positive and negative experiences of being a Successful Entrepreneur and following your own “Treasure Map to Success”.

[headline_georgia_large_centered color="#000000"]Steps To Success Surpass All Doubt…[/headline_georgia_large_centered]

Yoony had struggled in business for several years. With so much frustration, disappointment, empty promises, and rejection, he had often thought of quitting. For some reason though he would keep on trying, keep on believing, and keep on plugging away.

Occasionally he would doubt himself, his business, and his industry … a cloud of despair would consume him, and he wondered whether he could ever really be successful.

…then he met Beeny.

This life-changing “little book” is already getting wildly enthusiastic reviews like these

[testimonial3 author="Krista Abbott," + pic=""]“When I first read Dr. Mary Oz’s book, I knew she was on to something way bigger than initially thought. As I sifted through the pages in one sitting I was reminded of the timeless classic ‘Who Moved My Cheese’. The allegory in ‘An Invitation to Your Success and Financial Freedom’ is captivating and when applied has the power to help you overcome any obstacles. Anyone looking to improve their life and start ‘living their dreams’ rather than just ‘wishing their dreams’ should buy her book right now and read it from cover to cover.”[/testimonial3]

“This work by Dr. Oz on how to achieve success in whatever your dreams may be is positively astounding. Simply told in a story form that anyone can relate to, it gives greater understanding and depth – not only in what we desire to be but in who we really are, knowing all things are possible, and no dream is too big.”  Pattie Olson, Bayshore, New York

My goal in creating An Invitation To Your Financial Success And Freedom is simple, clear, and focused: To help you achieve YOUR version of Success as quickly and easily as possible, using this simple strategy that anyone can understand and implement! 

[headline_georgia_large_centered color="#000000"]They’re not so different from you and me…[/headline_georgia_large_centered]

Each of these people shared with me a particularly revealing experience they had in the beginning:

In spite of their high hopes, excitement, and enthusiasm, they quickly came to realize that their Journey of Success was going to take considerably longer than they had anticipated … and require a different approach than they originally planned on.

Yes, just like you and me, they all experienced their waves and bouts of Frustration, Doubt, and Overwhelm. And although they each experienced many hurdles along the way, the instant they realized this one sobering truth … became a crucial make-or-break moment for them. Each one had to decide to either give up in the face of difficulty … or find some way to overcome it.

As it turned out…

Their search led them through discovering the Power of Quality Training, The Power of Their Inner Strengths, The Power of Leadership and Influence, The Power of Leverage and a Strong Team, and The Power of the Internet.

[headline_georgia_large_centered color="#000000"]And oddly enough, perhaps…[/headline_georgia_large_centered]

It may surprise you to know that each of these incredibly successful entrepreneurs also credits a great deal of their achievement to the Power of Love and Fulfillment!

Along their Journey they made the commitment to constant and never-ending education and self-improvement, and are now enjoying tremendous wealth and living the life of their dreams.

Every one of them reports having to discover these same seven powerful keys to success before they could overcome the “Deadly Three” and finally turn things around.

I have since spent many months carefully researching, analyzing, and culling only the best, most helpful, and most relevant teachings, techniques, and tips employed by those entrepreneurs I interviewed.

And although these principles were shared with me by business owners and online entrepreneurs … the truth is every one of them is equally applicable to creating success in ANY endeavor, and ANY area of your life, by empowering you to overcome…

Fear, Doubt, Frustration, Overwhelm, Stress …and more

This is the kind of help I just KNOW will benefit you most because it’s what I’ve seen most universally lacking among those who’ve come to me for guidance these past 25 years.

Plus, I use these principles, this approach, myself … every day, right here in my own practice.

In this inspiring tale, you can find…

[headline_georgia_large_centered color="#000000"]A proven solution for every problem…[/headline_georgia_large_centered]

…because once you grasp these simple principles (which can internalize themselves in your mind extremely quickly and effortlessly) you’ll soon see how practically ANY other problem can be solved more easily than ever before.

Now you may be thinking…

[headline_georgia_large_centered color="#000000"]I’ve already heard most of this before…[/headline_georgia_large_centered]

Even if most people have read or heard about many of these principles before (after all, they’ve certainly been around long enough) … often in such a confusing way that they never really “sank in”, becoming second nature. Or they’ve never implemented them because they seemed like too much work.

And few people are familiar with all these strategies.

No matter how many “Success” and “Finance” books you’ve started, how many have you finished … and then how many have you implemented?

Please don’t misunderstand – I’m certainly not suggesting those other books have been a wasted investment. Quite the contrary…

…because An Invitation To Your Financial Success And Freedom can actually help you in making sense of the rest of them!

I promise you this:

Even just one inspired thought from this book – when acted upon – could quickly and easily propel your business or personal life so far beyond your wildest imaginings … repaying your investment many times over.

Why not prove it to yourself today!

Get An Invitation To Your Financial Success And Freedom … put its simple-yet-powerful strategies into action right away…

…and in no time at all, you can begin transforming your business, your career, and your dreams into REALITIES!

And for a very limited time this book of practical success-creating wisdom comes with more…

[headline_georgia_large_centered color="#d70000"]Look At These Valuable FREE Gifts You Will Get…But You Must Act Immediately![/headline_georgia_large_centered]

…because in all areas of Life, any opportunity is only as good as the action you put behind it. You know that … and so do I. “He who hesitates” may not be lost … but he (or she) certainly loses out on far more than the one taking action!

And that’s why I’m making it so easy for you to say “YES!” to acting on THIS opportunity now…

…while it’s still fresh in your mind, and before all those pressures and distractions of your daily routine push the thought to the back burner.

Take action TODAY by reserving your copy of “An Invitation To Your Financial Success And Freedom”

…and you’re going to get every one of these FREE gifts selected exclusively for helping make your journey as quickly, easily, and painlessly as possible:

In addition, you’re also getting…

  • Your very own Journal of Success, Financial Freedom, and Fulfillment! This workbook – complete with plenty of examples on how you might complete the exercises in the book, affirmations for your daily use, and even performance-tracking charts (because so many of us tend to “remember” having done far more than we actually have) – will help you get the absolute utmost from the book.
  • Several downloadable books on Mastering Your Internet Business from Bruce Obermeyer.
  • 30-Day Law of Attraction e-course on changing your life and finding happiness, success, health, and wealth from Mark Harrison
  • Complimentary Astrological Chart Reading from Jenny Watson
  • …and still more!

I wish I could give you an exact dollar value on the gifts you’re getting … but it seems every few days or so another friend calls to say how much they love the book, and to offer their support in the form of yet another gift for you. I can tell you this much at least: you’re getting MORE than $1,050.00 worth … but only when you order on/by August 20th 2011.

[secure_order_form_box_2]An Invitation To Your Financial Success And Freedom is available today as an immediately downloadable Digital E-Book. I wish I could give you an exact dollar value on the gifts you’re getting …but it seems every few days or so another friend calls to say how much they love the book, and to offer their support in the form of yet another gift for you. I can tell you this much at least: you’re getting MORE than $997.00 worth of value and not even a fraction of the cost… but only when you order securely today…




This exclusive Bonus Gift Package really is for fast-action-takers only. You absolutely must reserve your copy of “An Invitation To Your Financial Success And Freedom” by midnight, August 20th 2011, to qualify. Please don’t throw this away senselessly. These bonus gifts alone could conceivably add tremendously to both your business successes … and your overall Quality of Life – for the rest of your life!

So don’t use those same tired old excuses others use to put the brakes on their progress:

  • “Oh, I already know all that stuff!”
  • “It’s never worked for me before, so what’s the point of trying again?”
  • Or that classic spoiler of ‘best intentions’ … “I haven’t time right now – I’ll take care of this later.” (Uh-huh.)

“Now it’s YOUR turn!”

You don’t have to wait, to be successful – you can begin being successful RIGHT NOW!

Here’s to your most amazing successes ever!

Dr mary O's book signature

P.S. – Remember, you have only until August20th 2011 to qualify for all these FREE Bonus Gifts worth more than $1,050.00 for just the price of the e-book … so order today!

P.P.S. – Still not sure, for some reason? Then have a quick look at just a few more of the many comments I’ve received from others who have enthusiastically put their own “stamp of approval” on this e-book…

[testimonial1 author="Author Name & Company"]“Dr. Mary Ozegovich’s writing style and content are exceptional! The provocative questions, the stories, and the homework all make the book and journal a keepsake – you can definitely use it over and over as you experience the different seasons in your life. I highly recommend it to anyone serious about massive change in themselves, and influencing others.”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author="Author Name & Company"]“Dr. Mary Oz is inspiring. I saw so much of my own journey throughout her book; I felt connected to the main character, and found the extra motivation and guidance I needed to continue my own path of self-fulfillment. Refreshingly easy to read, understand, and relate to … without any of the typical fluffed-up technical jargon. It’s a must-read for anyone looking to pursue basic self-improvement and personal success. Simply loved it – and the guided journal is definitely an empowering touch.”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author="Author Name & Company"]“I LOVE this book. This is a must read for anyone who wants to feel fulfilled and happy. It is great to have a self-help book that can be read and understood by all different age groups. I felt that I was able to connect with each character on a certain level and that made me notices things about myself that I hadn’t recognized before. The character names kept me focused on the goal (self-improvement). I love that each chapter goes back to reflect on the lesson learned. This book is able to get right to the base of what a reader is looking for, while making a permanent impression in your mind. The ending was pieced so perfectly, it gave me a solid understanding.”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author="The journal is fantastic! It gives the book even more meaning and purpose. It truly inspired and intrigued me to want to commit to the 100 day plan. It's as if all the prior words of influence and wisdom were getting me prepared for the ultimate goal: fulfillment and success. The daily journals are easy to use and will help you focus on becoming your Best Self.”[/testimonial1]


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